ZestFi Multiple Expense Splitter

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***IMPORTANT*** Please use the email address that you intend to use Google Sheets with during checkout because access to the template will only be granted to that address ONLY!

Splitting costs with friends has never been easier! (Perfect for group trip, lunches with colleagues)

✅ Split complex costs with a simple guided 4-step process

✅ Keep a precise record of multiple expenses and who paid what

✅ Some bills might not be split evenly amongst the group. Easily manage exemptions and customized portions for any participant.

✅ Save time with automatic calculations of who owes/is owed how much

✅ Keep track of which debts are settled

✅ All done in a single page

🍋 https://zestfi.io
🍋 Got questions? Email: admin@zestfi.io

What’s included

🍋 A Google Sheets™ template with 4+ tabs (Welcome, Expense Splitter, Expense Splitter with dummy data, Multiple Expense Splitter, Multiple Expense Splitter with dummy data)

You will need

🍋 A Google account

🍋 A device that can access Google Sheets™

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Last updated May 26, 2024

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ZestFi Multiple Expense Splitter

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